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Balloon animals are a great way to engage people with the gospel. You many use them as a teaching tool, a conversation opener in evangelism, a tool while going door-to-door, or teach your students how to use them in ministry for sharing the gospel at your church or in your community.
We are currently working with Gene “Bubba” Wright, an evangelist and balloon national champion, on producing a balloon sculpture curriculum. This will be the first of its kind to not only teach basic and advanced ballooning but to give expert instruction on applying spiritual applications to balloons as well.

Creative Ministry Solutions

CMS provides creative resources for churches, schools, and governmental agencies. CMS provides training events covering multiple aspects of creative teaching in dozens of major cities across North America and around the world.


balloons, object lessons, skits, and puppets

Gospel Balloons

This is a site dedicated to teaching, sharing and promoting gospel balloon ministries.

Kyle Jorris Ministries

Kyle Jorris Ministries is dedicated to helping children and families be transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ through captivating evangelism.

One Way UK

This website has gospel balloon stories and gospel illusions with balloons and includes guidelines for street ministry.

Large Balloons

Trinity Balloons

Our mission is to put God’s message in the skies; at events, in great landscapes, or captured for film and social media. We fly hot air balloons branded with the Christian message and use ballooning to innovate new ways of sharing God's love.