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CMS provides creative resources for churches, schools, governmental agencies, and to everyone worldwide who wants to move beyond the dull, routine, teaching methods too common in today’s churches and schools. CMS provides training events covering multiple aspects of creative teaching in dozens of major cities across North America and around the world.
CMS also provides custom creativity service, such as script writing, audio and video productions, consultant services and encouragement utilizing a large network of ministry and educational specialists.

Christine Trevino

Easter Skits for Children and Youth

Need Easter Skits for Youth or Children? Find Sunday School skits for children telling about the Empty Tomb. Hear the Easter Story!
Also find for Easter Plays for Youth to do in church or for an evangelistic outreach!
Everyone will hear the Easter Story and learn that Jesus Christ is Risen!

Church Skits

Dramatix - Children's Scripts

Puppet Resources

Puppet Resources is a 100% free site, not supported by advertising or even donations. It enables people around the world to share puppet skits they have written. It doesn't cost anything to write a puppet skit, apart from some time, so why charge for it? We're all better off if we share!
As such, access to everything in this site is free and you can upload or download as many scripts as you want without charge. All administration on this site is performed by volunteers (we're always happy to have more help - hint hint!


Puppet skits are great teaching tools for children of all ages, but especially younger children. I remember when I was a kid, my favorite part of Vacation Bible School was the puppets! There is just something so enthralling and amusing about puppets. Even adults love puppets. Just look at the popularity of the Muppets!