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Thirty detailed skits and more than 50 brief clowning activities for use in Christian service and worship. Skits covered in the how-to-manual cover topics such as, pride, unity, forgiveness, loneliness, world hunger, family and several others.

Morris Costumes Clown Ministry Handbook


Clown Ministry Handbook Covers everything you need to know to start a clown ministry in your church. Includes many skits and sketches for service or worship activities

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Clown Ministry Workbook PDF – Dramashare

This workbook is dedicated to four clowns who have inspired and

have brought so much laughter, joy, and delights to so many people, but especially to this clown.

Creative Ministry Solutions

There is much to learn about clowning: the different types of clowns, character development, costuming and wigs, clown routines... The most important step, though, is putting it all together so we can use it to minister to others.

Dale and Liz VonSeggen, the former owners of One Way Street, Inc. now Creative Ministry Solutions, still continue to minister by providing workshops about Children's Ministry, Puppet Ministry, leadership, drama and clowning, music and ventriloquism.

Global Horizons Inc..

Global Clown Ministry is led by Sidney Teske and offers training and outfitting for short term mission teams from churches in the United States and in other countries. Clowning is a vehicle for evangelism, education, entertainment and inter-cultural learning.

Sid and his wife K
Memorial Baptist Church

The purpose of this ministry is solely to show God’s love to everyone and expect nothing back in return. We will be seeking out the lonely, sick, and those in need of a smile to keep them going…simply to love them where they ar

World Clown Association

Ministry means different things to different people. And when you place the word “clown” in front of ministry, it can become even more confusing. So in this article I will try to explain what Clown Ministry is and is not, to me. I looked up ministry in an online dictionary. It stated: Ministry – the action of ministering. Hmmm… Not very helpful, although I do like the word “action”. Ministry is doing something, it involves action. So here is my try at defining clown ministry – the action of sharing God’s love through laughter, using the art of clowning. Telling people that the God who created the universe, the world and everything in it, loves each person.

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The Clown as Social Healer , A study of the Clown Ministry Movement

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Wellness, Clown Ministry & Faith Formation

In an article on wellness on another page in this website, Dr. Hardel stated that people who are not well cannot praise God and pass on faith because that takes breath. It is the Holy Breath of God, the Holy Spirit, who gives life through Jesus Christ. People who are not well, i.e., are out of breath, cannot laugh because laughter takes breath. Laughter strengthens breathing.

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