Flannelgraph Bible Stories for Children - Where to Buy and Online Articles

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Below are places to buy flannelgraph Bible stories and flannelgraph boards.




The Large Deluxe Bible Set English Flannel board Story + Bonus CD is available on Amazon. This product features the following: authentic Betty Lukens set, vivid pictures printed on high quality felt, 600+ pieces used to create over 400 scenes. This flannel board is great for kids 3-12 years old and perfect for church, home, Christian schools, or Sunday schools. Please put flannelboard or flannelgraph in the search engine.

Beginners Bible: Do-It-Yourself Indoor Flannelgraph


Gospel Folio Press sells do-it-yourself indoor flannelgraph covers and accessories at a very low price. The indoor flannelgraph includes home accessory pieces, pictures and figures based on the Beginners Bible Illustrations, and many more.

Betty Lukens



Betty Lukens has been creating quality felt visuals. They have over 600 figures and objects-the most complete Bible felt set available. Their Through the Bible in Felt manual covers both the Old and New Testament which allows for a strong foundation in Biblical teachings and principles. They also sell the Learning with Felt which includes over 30 sets to inspire children's creativity.



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LifeSprings Church Resources


The Betty Lukens Flannelgraph Bible Story is available at LifeSprings Church Resources. This set contains over 600 figures and objects. It includes 12 figures of Jesus plus men, women, children, animals, buildings, scenery items, tables, chairs, pyramids, tomb, ark, fiery furnace, and more.

Mardel Christian and Education


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Master Clubs


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Quick Stick Instant Flannel Board



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Scripture Truth Book Company


The Betty Lukens products make your Bible stories come alive. You can buy them at Scripture Truth Book Company. Please put the word

Betty or Lukens in the search engine.

Story & Life of Jesus 13 Bible Stories Felt Figures for Flannel Board


Through the Bible in Felt: Teacher's Manual by Betty Lukens


Online Articles

Flannelgraph and storytelling take the Gospel into Mozambique



Mission Network News released an article about flannel graph. The flannelgraphs will serve as a teaching tool during the studies.

Mission Network News


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How to Teach with Flannelgraph

ABC Jesus Loves Me



I believe flannelgraph is still one of the best ways to teach Bible stories - when done well. Because of this, in each lesson plan you will see story numbers associated to the Through in the Bible in Felt Teacher Manual. On the specific page of the Teacher Manual, the Bible story, as well as a list of the needed flannelgraph scenes, characters, and props are listed to help you tell the story.

Making and Using a Flannel Board



Storytelling brings hope and the Gospel to Mongolia



This news articles is about Vision Beyond Border’s Flannel Ministry at Mongolia.

Through the Bible in Felt



ABC Jesus Loves Me published an article titled Through the Bible in Felt. It explains the purpose of using flannel graphs as a technique to teach Bible stories. It also contains how to instructions. Read the article at ABC Jesus Loves Me website.

Why I Believe Flannelgraph Can be an Excellent Way to Teach the Bible to Children

By Heidi



The use of flannelgraph is not new. My Grandma remarkably used this technique in Sunday School 70 years ago. By using flannelgraph scenes, characters, and props, the children are given a visual picture as the Bible story is told to them.




Flannel graphs are wonderful tools to share the Gospel particularly to children. To learn how to make a flannel graph, visit the website above.