Gospel Magic

Creative Ministry Solutions

Gospel magic is an effective tool for explaining spiritual truths creatively. Moreover, the trick itself is a visual aid to help people comprehend and remember the truth. In essence, gospel magic is an object lesson where an illusion is substituted for an object.

Additionally, magic can draw people to situations where a gospel message will be presented. People who don't care to hear a sermon, or who might otherwise avoid a situation where they would hear a spiritual message, may still find a trick extremely interesting. A gospel magic presentation can bring those to church who would be uncomfortable coming at any other time, and can draw a large public crowd during outdoor missions.

It is so marvelous to completely capture the imagination of young and old alike, and then focus that fascination onto Christ and the gospel. When the message is blended with the illusions correctly, both the audience and the performer are truly blessed.

What does the Bible say about magic, magicians, illusionists?