How to Do Puppetry - Secular and Christian Books

Check out these resources for more helpful information about starting a puppet ministry in your church.
• The Complete Book of Puppetry by George Latshaw includes everything from strengthening your puppet arm with exercises to making puppets. Dover Publications, $10.95; (516) 294-7000;

• The Most Excellent Book of How to Be a Puppeteer by Roger Lade is written for children from ages 9 to 12. A great resource to get kids in on the act too. Copper Beech Books, $6.95;

• Puppets: Ministry Magic by Dale and Liz VonSeggen is aprimer for everyone who works with puppets. Plus, there are nine ready-to-use scripts. Group Publishing, $15.95; 800-635-0404;•+Puppets%3A+Ministry+Magic+by+Dale+and+Liz+VonSeggen&qid=1569102965&s=books&sr=1-1