Puppet Ministry (Christian)

Axtell Expressions
Axtell Expressions' puppets are amazing, top-quality characters that your audience will never forget. They have been involved in Christian ministry and created puppets for Veggie Tales, Donut Man, Prayer Bear, The Knock Knock show and Imagine Land. Visit their website for their services.

Apple Sauce Kids Youth Ministry Resources
Apple Sauce Kids offers a large variety of drama and puppet scripts. You can find these puppet resources under the Performing Arts link.

Creative Ministry Solutions
Creative Ministry Solutions provides creative resources for churches, schools, governmental agencies, and to everyone worldwide who wants to move beyond the dull, routine, teaching methods too common in today's churches and schools. They provide services like script writing, audio and video productions, consultant services, and resources for Puppet Ministry, Music Ministry, and many more.

Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault
CMIV has puppet skits you can download from their page. They have puppet scripts for different occasions.

Children's Scripts
You can find scripts for children and puppet ministry on the above website links. There are different themes like Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving, and many more.

Dale and Liz VonSeggen, the former owners of One Way Street, Inc. now Creative Ministry Solutions, still continue to minister by providing workshops about Children's Ministry, Puppet Ministry, leadership, drama and clowning, music and ventriloquism.

Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers
Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers (FCP) is composed of creative artists who have a desire to network with other Christian artists. They are open to sharing all ideas, scripts, patterns, etc. to help other puppeteers in sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. FCP also holds annual conferences that is family oriented. They offer classes and activities for all age groups, including children.

Garden of Praise Bible Puppets and Skits
Get free materials for puppet ministry at Garden of Praise website. They have links to other websites that offer puppet resources such as scripts/skits, puppet costumes, etc.

Grace's Resource Place
Look for drama resources at the Arts section or Worship & Arts Index located on the left menu. They have website links to drama ministry, theater ministry, mime ministry and puppet ministry.

Ministry Mama, The
Here on this website, you will find free skits and scripts, as well as those you can buy. These materials are great for puppet ministry.

Ministry-to-Children offers puppet scripts for puppet ministry use. Use their search engine to look for puppet scripts. Type "Puppet" or "Puppet Scripts" on their search engine. Usually, the script is included in the teacher's lesson plan.

Nancy's Hands Puppet Ministry
Nancy's Hands Puppet Ministry is an outreach ministry of Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Loudoun County, Virginia. They travel and perform entertaining Christian puppetry for children of all ages. You may invite them to perform at your church. Their contact information is found on their website.

One Way UK
One Way UK holds 40 Puppet Training Days and Festivals throughout the UK and Europe in the course of a year. These are a combination of puppet and creative arts workshops, performances and competitions designed to teach, challenge and equip the puppeteer (beginner or advanced), school teachers, children's/youth workers and leaders for continued and effective ministry.

Open Air Campaigners International
Open Air Campaigners is an international organization dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different methods of presentation to attract and hold a crowd, and allowing them the greatest possible opportunity to understand and respond. In Romania, one of these methods is through Puppetry, led by Paul and Julie Wakefield. The couple and OAC also hold trainings on how to present the gospel using sketch board and puppets.

P.E.O.P.L.E. (Puppets Encouraging Others Proclaiming Life Everlasting)
Concord Baptist Church
P.E.O.P.L.E. has made available for free their puppet scripts for puppet ministry use. You can download the scripts from their website.

Puppetsinc.com creates top quality puppets, puppet programs, puppet stages and puppet accessories. You can shop for these items on their online store. There are also free puppet scripts, articles, and videos on their website.

Puppets for Jesus
Puppets for Jesus has one of the largest selections of puppets on the planet for ministry, fun and education. Aside from their puppets, you can also get free puppet skits, lessons and curriculum on this website.

Puppets for Ministry
This page contains links to other websites that offers puppet scripts and resources.

Puppet Ministry Resource Directory
These sites have links to other websites that are about puppets and puppet ministry

Puppet Ministry Resource Directory: Scripts, Puppets and Skits

Puppet Ministry Scripts on Audio, on CD, Printed, and Download

Puppet Resources
You can find other websites which have Christian puppet scripts and other puppet ministry resources.

Ripples Puppet Ministry
Director Davies of Calvary Chapel the Brook is offering his puppet scripts for free of charge. You can download the scripts on the website link provided.

Son Shine Puppet Co
Son Shine Puppet Co sells puppets, christian books, teacher supplies, kid's church curriculum, Christian videos and DVDs. They feature black light puppet ministry, fabric, patterns, stages, puppet scripts, ventriloquist dolls, marionettes, and mascot costumes.

Sunday School Network
On this site are Christian puppet skits you can use to teach children to act on their faith.
ripts, articles, and videos on their website.

Teach Sunday School
On this website, you can find modern Christian puppet scripts that teach the Bible to children. The puppet scripts are 5-10 minutes long and children won't be bored watching the shows. At the same time, they will learn a lot about the Bible and values.

The Puppet Store

Top Puppet Ministry Sites
On this page, you can find links to other websites that offers puppetry services.